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Wine bottle retouching

What is involved in a product shoot (Part 2)

In the first article I talked about the process I had gone through to photograph bottles of wine for one of our customers, in the second part I’m going to touch on the post processing aspect of that shoot, what happens once the cameras have been packed away and the lights have been taken down. We tend to think of post processing as a by-product of digital cameras, but in reality it’s been around a lot longer than that, especially […]

Wine bottles

What is involved in a product shoot (Part 1)

Product images can range from the (apparently) simple to the amazingly elaborate, and everything in between, but most people don’t realise that there is an awful lot of work involved in even the simplest product shot, for example… Earlier this year one of our customers, a wine retailer, asked us to photograph several new ranges of wine that they were offering. Now as any commercial photographer will tell you, photographing anything with glass is a nightmare, as soon as you […]